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More Ways to Engage

With 40+ engagement tools (and counting), you’ll have an expanded suite of tools to help you engage with your community. This includes 30+ content tools and nine dedicated participation apps complete with an integrated participatory budgeting tool.

Greater Flexibility

Social Pinpoint offers unparalleled flexibility, letting you tailor your site to your engagements, not the other way around. With Social Pinpoint, you can mix and match tools, choose from multiple-page templates, add additional pages, and even set up templates for your engagements.

Enhanced Participation Experience

We leverage the latest technology and expert user experience design to ensure your engagements provide a smooth and satisfying experience for your participants. Our enhanced brand integration will elevate your design so you can create a high-quality, professional-looking site.

Dedicated Customer Support

We offer a range of support resources to assist you on your community engagement journey, including monthly community training sessions, 24/7 human moderation, and access to our dedicated Learning Centre, which is equipped with a wide array of helpful materials and best Practices to continuously improve and develop skills.

“It was seamless. If there was a hiccup, the team communicated it immediately and dealt with it promptly. We could not have asked for a better experience to be perfectly honest. And that continues with the help that we receive day to day. It’s excellent. Top tier.” – Comox Valley

View Comox Valley’s full case study here >

Listen to our Customers Needs

Our commitment lies in continuous growth, enhancement, and innovation within our platform. We proactively communicate our client’s ideas, thoughts, and feature suggestions to our developers through our product roadmap board. This guarantees a continual evolution of our platform, aligning with and fulfilling your specific needs.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Effortlessly monitor the performance of your entire site in real-time to gather actionable insights as they unfold. Export your visualizations and reports as print-ready, high-quality files to disseminate information within your organization, or export raw data for further analysis.

Custom Branding

Social Pinpoint can offer tailored customized branding for your community engagement site. We can also implement other valuable tools, such as our Multilingual Translation Add-On for enhanced accessibility, upon request. These customizable options empower you to create a more engaging and inclusive community engagement experience.

IAP2 Core Value Award Winners

The IAP2 Core Value Awards acknowledge and promote projects and organizations leading in public participation, community engagement, and stakeholder involvement. These awards endorse excellence, quality, and innovation in the field, emphasizing alignment with the IAP2 Core Values.

International and Australasian Organization of the Year

Share Your Thoughts. Shape our Future – Engaging Wannon

North American Organization of the Year

City of Pittsburgh: Engage PGH

International and Australasian Research Award

Moreton Says: Hearing the Missing Voices

Making the switch to Social Pinpoint is easy, seamless, and secure.

We understand that data is your most precious asset.

One of the biggest concerns clients have is their data and how it will be migrated. We get it, data is one of your most valuable assets. That is why we have made it our mission to create a data migration process that is second-to-none and produces predictable, quality-assured results.

Our automated migration process makes switching effortless. You’ll be up and running in no time with limited disruptions.

“Launching an engagement platform may sound overwhelming. My advice is with the right platform, efficient onboarding, and exceptional support, it’s not as daunting as you may think. Any issues I had were taken care of right away…and I’m really picky.” – Municipality of Grey Highlands

View the Municipality of Grey Highlands full case study here >

How it Works

Our automated migration process offers a seamless, pain-free experience. We maintain and protect all your data, so you don’t have to be prey to vendor-lock in.

We take great care in ensuring your data is successfully migrated to your satisfaction, here’s an example of how we migrate clients:

1. You provide access to your current account as a site admin.

2. You let us know which projects you’d like to migrate and if you’d like to make any updates to how you manage data.

3. We neatly package up all relevant data and export this.

4. We carefully verify your data to ensure there are no gaps or missing elements.

5. We import your data into your brand new Social Pinpoint account and map all collected feedback and content to the correct tool.

6. You review your data to check all content and feedback has been successfully migrated.

7. Prior to launch, we conduct one final migration to align any updates or changes to your current Engagement HQ/Bang the Table/Granicus account.

8. It’s time to celebrate – it’s GO LIVE time with Social Pinpoint!

Social Pinpoint + Consultation Manager Integration

The only engagement duo you need.

By simultaneously using Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager (a centralised stakeholder relationship management platform) together, you can create a more robust and streamlined engagement and consultation process that accommodates various stakeholder preferences and needs while efficiently managing the data and administrative aspects of the process.

Learn more >

Frequently Asked Questions

You can bring all your existing project content, registered users, participant data and feedback data such as surveys, polls, and map responses. We will fit this data to the nearest equivalent tools and features of Social Pinpoint.

Yes! Your team can keep the same URL so the migration process can be a seamless experience for your community.

Yes and more! We will take all your existing brand elements and upgrade your solution based on your foundation. We will be able to provide more options to suit your themes/guides.


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