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Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager Integration

Unlock the full potential of your engagement initiatives. Elevate your organization's ability to manage projects, enhance stakeholder relationships, and drive meaningful insights.

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What is Social Pinpoint?

Social Pinpoint is a comprehensive online platform that facilitates meaningful and accessible engagement opportunities that bring your community together. With 40+ tools (and counting), we are consistently investing in our technology so that you can adapt your approach for every project, constantly grow your capabilities, and stay at the cutting edge of community engagement.

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What is Consultation Manager?

Consultation Manager is a centralised stakeholder relationship management platform that provides a single source of truth. It enables understanding of stakeholder perceptions, strategic engagement, and relationship building for better decision-making and social value. The platform is customisable to align with specific processes, language, and terminology, to empower effective stakeholder engagement.

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It is all about your community and stakeholders and their engagement

Both Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager share a common purpose to engage with and better understand the perceptions of their stakeholders and community members, to improve decision making and collectively create a better future for people and place.‚Äč

Our new integration makes this more possible than ever before by merging the power of Social Pinpoint’s engagement prowess with Consultation Manager’s robust stakeholder management capabilities to take your engagement to new heights.

Benefits and Features:

Why Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager is the only engagement duo that you need.

Configurable Data Workflows

Tailoring to your organization's unique needs, the integration encompasses two configurable data workflows:

Community Member Registration Transfer

Seamlessly transfer new registered community member data from Social Pinpoint to Consultation Manager by mapping the related fields between both systems. This data is securely stored within stakeholder records, triggered by pre-defined conditions that match your requirements. This workflow ensures that only valuable stakeholder information is effortlessly incorporated into your Consultation Manager system.

Form Survey Feedback Transfer

Amplify the value of your engagement efforts by transferring form survey feedback and associated stakeholder data from Social Pinpoint to Consultation Manager. This data is stored within an Event record, expertly linked to a Project and Stakeholder record. This workflow facilitates comprehensive insights and informed decision-making.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

We're committed to your success. That's why we're excited to offer expert support for the seamless integration of Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager. Our dedicated Customer Success teams will be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition and optimal usage.

Get involved in our early adopter programme

We’re excited to introduce our exclusive Early Adopter Programme for the Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager integration. As an early adopter, you’ll have the unique opportunity to shape the continued development of the integration and play a pivotal role in its evolution.

Why Participate?

By joining our Early Adopter Programme, you’re not only gaining a competitive edge, but you’re also becoming a crucial part of our mission to revolutionize stakeholder engagement. This is your chance to be recognized as a pioneer in your industry and to leverage the integration’s capabilities to create unparalleled engagement experiences.


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