Helping you create a better future for people and place collectively.​

We’re on a mission to deliver positive impact by empowering our customers to connect with their communities and build positive relationships.

Supporting successful community engagement since 2013

The most vital source of information is people. People care – they want to help, to contribute, to provide ideas, to share aspirations, to feel connected, or simply, to play their part in building something bigger.

In 2013, Social Pinpoint recognized that the power of community engagement goes beyond a one-way conversation. True community engagement bridges the gap between your organization and your community, and we are here to amplify that connection.

Our Beliefs

Amplifying community voice and connection

We believe that the diversity of voices in our communities can solve today’s biggest challenges.

Since 2013, Social Pinpoint has grown up spectacularly to become an industry-leading and innovative digital engagement platform. We want to ensure global communities have the opportunity to not only play their part in the conversation but also have some fun.

Recently, Social Pinpoint merged with The HiVE to further innovate and strengthen our product offering together. This collaboration of expertise and insights is exciting, and we can not wait to keep evolving and growing.

Launched in 2013 in Newcastle, Australia

Reached more than 3.5 million citizens worldwide

Generated over 2 million inputs of feedback

Our Values

We’re driven by our core values

Customer partnership

Customers are at the center of everything we do, and we work in partnership with them to understand their problems and validate our solutions.

Work transparently not in isolation

Our goals are achieved through collaboration and personal accountability. We work together to achieve results and measure ourselves on the outcome.

Absolute meritocracy

Performance is the key to progression and there are no barriers to anyone joining or advancing in the company.

Diversity drives success

Blending different viewpoints and opinions leads to better outcomes. We encourage our people to think differently from the crowd.

Strength from competition

Competitors drive us to improve; we respect them and relish the opportunity to compete.

A place to grow

We offer every individual the opportunity to grow and expand their professional expertise and capabilities.


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