About Social Pinpoint

The tale of one lost contract and one new opportunity.

In 2013, our co-founders Colin Goudie and Charles Connell were exploring the idea of developing a startup when they were approached by a local council to build a custom interactive mapping solution... but they didn't win the contract.

After closely watching their competition develop the winning solution, Colin and Charles soon realised that the most vital source of information is people. People care – they want to help, to contribute, to provide ideas, to share aspirations, to feel connected or simply, to play their part in building something bigger.

Shortly after, Social Pinpoint was born.

People will always be affected by change, which is why the power of community engagement goes beyond a one-way conversation. Since 2013, Social Pinpoint has grown up spectacularly to become an industry-leading and innovative digital engagement platform. We want to ensure global communities have the opportunity to not only play their part in the conversation, but also have some fun. Which is why we want to keep evolving and growing too.