Promote topic-driven discussion

The Forum tool provides a dynamic space for consolidating and displaying Conversations.

Organise multiple Conversations

Forums are a crucial part of any engagement and allow your community to contribute to topics they truly care about.

For cases where you require multiple online discussions, the Forum tool is useful when there are several relevant topics or themes, and participation is better handled in separate Conversations rather than within a consolidated one.

Real-time statistics

Members will be able to quickly view Forum activity and pinpoint what topics are driving the most discussion.

Summary statistics on each Forum tell you how many Participants, Views, and Contributions have been collected so far. With statistics consistently updating in real-time, you can focus your analysis efforts on the most popular topics.

Stimulate healthy debate and discussion

Access all of the great features and functionality of the Conversation tool.

As each Forum is linked to an individual instance of our Conversation tool, you can collect views from a variety of perspectives, and allows users to comment on and discuss content, ask questions, and engage with each other.

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Social Pinpoint helps you to create meaningful public participation experiences that will keep citizens coming back for more.

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Promote topic-driven discussion


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Capture the big ideas from your community


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