Capture the big ideas from your community

Our Visioner is a fun way to digitally capture, organize and summarize ideas and suggestions.

Build a wall of bold ideas

Collect ideas and display them as a wall of virtual ‘post-it’ notes to showcase contributions and stimulate others to participate.

The Visioner is a great tool to collect short qualitative thoughts, ideas, and issues in a concise format that is easy and fun to use. All contributions can be viewed by other visitors, sorted and filtered, and optionally voted on.

A collaborative and social activity

Visioner provides collaborative activity for your community to contribute and reflect on specific topics of interest.

Visioner encourages your community to present their ideas and ideate together. Get users to interact with each other by enabling user voting for a more social experience and use up-voting and down-voting to uncover popular (or not-so-popular) ideas within your community.

Find trends and patterns

Sort through ideas using dynamic filters that help you make sense of your contributions.

A powerful feature of Visioner is the ability to filter contributions to understand their level of impact. Filters such as Popular, Rising, and Contentious will instantly reveal what ideas are gaining attention, the most votes, or causing the most controversy.

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Capture the big ideas from your community

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Capture the big ideas from your community


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