Customer Support and Resources

Whether you’re a Social Pinpoint or SPP Classic customer, we’ve compiled all of the helpful resources and links to support you.

Access Social Pinpoint Support

The current version of Social Pinpoint (previously The HiVE) is our core product and platform.

As a Social Pinpoint customer you have access to the following resources to support your day-to-day:

→  Customer Portal and Help Desk (

→  Support Email (

→  Learning Centre (

Access SPP Classic Support

SPP Classic is Social Pinpoint’s legacy solution and is easily identified by our previous logo.

As an SPP Classic customer you have access to the following resources to support you:

→  Knowledge Base and Online Help Desk (

→  Support Email (

Social Pinpoint vs. SPP Classic

We want our clients to continue to connect, develop, and build positive relationships with their communities and stakeholders.

Developing a solution that is focused on long-term relationship-building and investing in true community transparency and active public participation is essential. Our new version of Social Pinpoint allows us to reach this goal of providing clients with a long-term investment in community engagement.

Updated user experience

Completely new look and feel making it faster and easier to create stunning engagement tools and pages that encourage engagement from stakeholders.

More tools

Access over 40 tools and a host of additional functionality, providing you with more flexibility and options when creating your engagements

Community building

Community-building features help you inspire people to join, collect insightful information, and keep people updated on the things that matter to them.