Engaging and effective Q&A

Promote transparency and create a space where users can ask questions directly to a panel of respondents.

Provide accurate and relevant answers

Allow the public to ask detailed questions and receive official answers.

Question and Answer is a powerful tool that allows users to ask detailed questions and receive official answers. It empowers users to reach out and engage with your project and allows you to position your organization as responsive, informed, and authoritative.

Increase trust and transparency

Show the community there’s a human being there to listen.

Rather than responding with a faceless official account, you can post responses from official representatives, each of which can have their own profile and avatar in the ‘Who’s Listening?’ tab. Connect with your community directly and provide a deeper level of assistance.

Read the pulse of the community

Gauge community sentiment, encourage curiosity, and identify gaps in knowledge.

Give your participants the chance to voice what questions are important to them by upvoting comments that they want to be answered. Prioritize their content creation and education efforts to better serve the needs of their community and respond to these common questions.

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When you’re trying to build trust with your community, every interaction matters.

Social Pinpoint helps you to create meaningful public participation experiences that will keep citizens coming back for more.

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