An engagement hub to host all of your projects

Designed for non-technical users, Social Pinpoint helps you quickly and easily build an accessible and dynamic website so you have a beautiful engagement hub.

Quality design, without the headache

Social Pinpoint was created so that absolutely anyone could design a community engagement website with accessibility in mind. This means that building a site that always looks great and captures the attention of your citizens is easily achievable.

With an easy-to-learn, and even easier-to-use drag and drop interface, Social Pinpoint helps you incorporate great-looking design that invites interaction. Break away from boring ‘cookie-cutter’ templates and tap into 30+ versatile content tools.

Launch projects faster

Launch new projects in under five minutes using the project launch wizard to guide you through the set-up process.

Customized branding

With options ranging from simple brand-matching to full brand integration, you can make Social Pinpoint your own.

Web accessibility

Built to WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards, Social Pinpoint is designed to create accessible web experiences for all visitors.

All of your projects, in one place

Social Pinpoint is here to help you grow a strong and active online community and turn anonymous visitors into active and engaged digital citizens.

Create a single engagement hub to promote ongoing and active public participation with a customizable registration system. Empower your community to explore and discover all open, active, or closed projects–and register to receive updates on projects of interest.

Project discovery

Help visitors explore your projects to find ones that are important to them. Users can quickly search by keyword or filter by the topics and locations of their choice.

Private projects

Conduct targeted community engagement through invite-only private projects. Run internal consultations, focus groups, citizen juries, and more in a secure, private space.

Automated updates

Automatically provide all members with notifications when new projects have been published that match their preferences for topics and locations.

Expert content management

Confidently coordinate content creation, scheduling, and publishing across multiple projects and multiple teams with Social Pinpoint.

Expertly maintain the quality and consistency of your content, even when multiple users are creating, editing, or publishing. With powerful permissions in place, you can always ensure your projects are updated and evolved over your project lifecycle.

Draft editing

Work on projects and content in draft mode prior to publishing, or make changes to live pages behind the scenes and publish when ready.

Approvals workflows

Control the publishing process through configurable workflows that send proposed content changes for approval by nominated users prior to publishing.

Page versioning

Keep track of all content changes on a page through a detailed version history, and revert to previous versions if required.

Discover our multilingual add-on

We make sure that your community engagement efforts don’t get lost in translation. Our multilingual add-on empowers you to create your engagement website in any language and generate accurate, culturally-relevant translations.

Leverage automated translation

Translate your community engagement website into your chosen language quickly.

Inspire authentic communication

Edit common phrases once and apply your culturally-relevant translation site-wide.

Powered by machine learning

The platform remembers and applies your corrections to future translations.

Our team is here to support you, every step of the way.

No matter where your organization is in its community engagement journey, we want to ensure you feel supported.

Your success is our success.