Powerful interactive mapping

Expertly capture, visualize, and analyze place-based feedback by letting your community show you exactly where their ideas or concerns relate.

Gather location-based feedback

Tap into local knowledge and instantly identify and visualize critical opportunities and challenges in key areas of interest with Social Map.

Location-based feedback allows you to analyze clusters of comments that are relevant to your community. Spatial patterns and trends allow you to identify problem spots and suggest ideas for improvements. Pins can also be dropped by both admin users or the public to allow for commenting, image upload, voting, rating, discussion, and much more.

Encourage greater interaction

Your community will be more encouraged to engage as they can easily envision your process with customizable and visually striking maps.

Whether you would like to focus on an area as big as a city, or as small as a street block, you can customize your Categories, Base Map, Markers, and Layers to create an exciting experience that motivates engagement.

Meaningful spatial data

Discover the power of spatial feedback with impactful reporting.

Data collected from the Social Map is stored in a spatial format that can be easily mapped and unpacked for visual representation and analysis. Break down an entire overview of feedback, or dive into specific Categories to explore your top contributions by location, review sentiment, explore ratings, and more!

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Powerful interactive mapping


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