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Raise Awareness

If you want to spark change, it’s important that everyone in your organization has a common understanding of what it means to be inclusive.

Identify Barriers

At times, we can unintentionally exclude people due to a lack of awareness of the barriers that may prevent them from participating.

Learn from Others

Knowledge sharing is the best way to improve our practice. Discover how PRR inclusively engaged a diverse community impacted by a transit-orientated development project.

Take Action

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to inclusive engagement, there are five key intervention points to take action: readiness, design, planning, delivery, and review.

Take your inclusive practices to the next level today.

Turn your ambition for inclusivity into a reality. Discover how to become an expert in inclusive community engagement and engage a representative cross-section of the community.

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How to Become an Expert in Inclusive Engagement

The diversity of voices in our communities can shape innovative, future-focused solutions for today’s biggest challenges. However, not everyone is always given a seat at the table. Almost 40% of the community engagement experts in our 2022 Industry Pulse Check strongly agreed that inclusive engagement is understood in their organization. While only 18% strongly agreed that their current community engagement strategies are inclusive.

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Getting Ready for Engagement

This eBook will help pave the first few stepping stones for you and your team’s journey in community engagement.

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Foundations of a Successful Marketing Campaign to Increase Participation

Increasing participation rates and driving traffic to your project is a lot easier when you have the foundations of a marketing campaign all mapped out and ready to go.

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The Ultimate Guide: Building Your Engagement Site

Building a dedicated community engagement site can be tricky, but we have put together the Ultimate Guide to help you out.

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Online Engagement Vs. Social Media

While social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter can add value to your project when used correctly, they tend to produce a considerably different response to purpose built engagement tools.

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How to Use Engagement Tools to Support Your ARPA Fund Allocation

Understand what your ARPA fund cans be used for and how digital engagement platforms can support this extensive planning process.

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