Build an Active Online Community with Social Pinpoint Build an Active Online Community with Social Pinpoint

Build an active online community

Turn anonymous visitors into active and engaged digital citizens by providing a space catered to their interests.

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Grow your online community

Our community-building features help you inspire people to join, collect insightful information, and keep people updated on the things that matter to them.

Convert your visitors into members of your online community to gain a better understanding of who your audience is. Use your member base to extend the reach of future activities and easily connect with already engaged citizens.

Consistently increase engagement rates

With a range of automated features to update your members when there is new activity on your site, you can sustain engagement over long periods of time.

Keep your users engaged over the duration of your projects by capturing unique Member Attributes. This information can be used to qualify engagement activities, tailor content to particular members, and notify members of upcoming projects to keep them coming back.

Automatic and integrated communications

Our built-in notification and email functionality can automatically alert your users and assist you to deliver more complex communications to keep your community engaged.

Keep your members coming back through automated notifications when new projects or updates have been published that match their preferences for topics and locations. Or create more complex email campaigns to encourage re-engagement of an existing project when a new opportunity to participate is available.

Our team is here to support you, every step of the way.

No matter where your organization is in its community engagement journey, we want to ensure you feel supported.

Your success is our success.