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Capture meaningful data with engaging surveys and forms

From simple forms to exciting visual surveys, your community will enjoy providing feedback with the Form tool.

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Advanced survey builder

Capturing data from your community or stakeholders is essential. But, to capture feedback that is meaningful and actionable, you need to ask the right questions.

Our dynamic Form tool helps you create flexible forms and surveys using over 15 question types. With the ability to create form sections and add detailed descriptions and images to each question, you can create an engaging experience to collect valuable information.

Templates designed to impress

Our Form templates allow you to quickly create beautiful forms or surveys to capture rich, actionable feedback from your community.

The Standard template displays all questions and content in a single view on the page. The Paginated template lets you manage large, complex content by organizing questions into logical groups. And Flow immerses your users in an interactive experience, guiding participants through the survey one question at a time.

A smart, personalized experience

Shorter surveys have higher response rates, so, making your surveys as efficient and streamlined as possible is an important priority.

Our Form tool is smart, which means you can simply capture more meaningful, personalized data by implementing conditions and logic. Combine this with the Paginated or Flow template and you have the ability to efficiently capture consistent, high-quality information whilst reducing survey fatigue.

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When you’re trying to build trust with your community, every interaction matters.

Social Pinpoint helps you to create meaningful public participation experiences that will keep citizens coming back for more.


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