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Empower your community to decide

Involve people in budget-related decisions by getting them to spend their money by ‘funding’ items from a menu of potential projects, proposals, and programs.

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Deepen democracy

Fund It is the most direct way to give your community a voice in funding projects and services.

By allowing your community to identify, discuss, and prioritize public spending, you are empowering them to make decisions about how or where money is spent. Build consensus, educate them about the costs and compromises, and encourage them to prioritize the things most important to them.

Gauge community priorities

Your community will begin to understand the true value of projects as they’re forced to make trade-offs.

Fund It is designed to reflect real-world constraints and limitations to provide greater value in the engagement process. Accurately assess community sentiment, and empower users to step into the shoes of decision-makers by weighing projects against each other on cost, merit, and necessity.

Get creative

With the option to switch from dollars to points, you can get very creative with how you use Fund It.

Go beyond participatory budgeting and explore opportunities such as project funding, implementation, grant-making, competitions, and live votes! Using points also allows you to remove any stigma associated with costs and creates a flexible environment to evaluate community preferences.

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Social Pinpoint helps you to create meaningful public participation experiences that will keep citizens coming back for more.


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