Inspire connection through storytelling

Encourage your community to open up by sharing stories, experiences, perspectives, and ideas in an online and interactive format.

Harness the power of the crowd

Tap into the local knowledge of your community by collecting people’s thoughts, stories, experiences, and ideas.

The Gather tool has a multitude of applications, from creating competitions to collecting rich qualitative data about people’s lives, interests, favorite places, and ideas for the future. It is ideal for sourcing user-generated content and holding ideation processes.

Collective problem solving

Leverage the collective wisdom of the community to solve key issues and problems.

Gather creates a social experience by allowing participants to make comments and up or down-vote other user contributions. This creates opportunities for public dialogues, voting processes, and sentiment pulse checks.

Dynamic competitions

Use Gather to run dynamic competitions that engage beyond words.

Useful for photography, arts, or story-related projects, you can activate your community further by hosting competitions and rewarding the winners. Gather allows you to easily highlight exceptional contributions and showcase winning entries.

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When you’re trying to build trust with your community, every interaction matters.

Social Pinpoint helps you to create meaningful public participation experiences that will keep citizens coming back for more.

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Capture the big ideas from your community


Inspire connection through storytelling

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