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City of Moreton Bay

City of Moreton Bay, located in the heart of South East Queensland, is one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing council areas. With an expected population growth from 500,000 to 700,000 over the next 20 years, Moreton Bay is facing rapid change. Fortunately, the Council understands the value of inviting their communities to help shape the future of their vast city.

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Pittsburgh’s Excellence in Public Participation

We congratulate the City of Pittsburgh, the recipient of this year’s IAP2 Core Values Award for Organization of the Year. The City’s commitment to redefining what it means to make engagement accessible and equitable serves as an exemplary model in the field. Let’s explore their journey to EngagePGH.

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CleanCo’s Swanbank Clean Energy Hub Project

Congratulations on fostering community trust and gaining valuable public input and support for your masterplan! Facing a low-trust environment, the community engagement team at CleanCo sought to elevate public engagement with its interactive ‘Reimagine Swanbank' site. While it was the first time CleanCo had engaged with a host community in such a “proactive and open way,” the results were outstanding.

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Village of DeForest

Nestled just 20 minutes from downtown Madison, the Village of DeForest, with a population of around 11,000, has taken a remarkable leap in strengthening community engagement. Despite its small size, DeForest has embraced innovative strategies to foster deeper connections among residents, stakeholders, and local authorities.

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Supporting Comox Valley Through their Migration Journey

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is a fairly large Regional District in British Columbia, Canada. It covers a mix of municipalities and electoral areas, including the City of Courtney, the Town of Comox, the Village of Cumberland, and three electoral areas. The CVRD is a rapidly growing community with a population of just over 70,000. Recently, CVRD highlighted some key challenges they were facing in relation to connectivity, an elderly population, and the need to engage with diverse communities.

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Municipality of Grey Highlands

Grey Highlands, a rural municipality spanning over 882 square kilometers with a population of just over 10,000, faces unique challenges in engaging its residents due to its vast area and dispersed population. The municipality is known for its natural beauty, attracting both permanent residents and seasonal visitors seeking outdoor adventures.

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