Community Engagement Analytics and Reports | Social Pinpoint Community Engagement Analytics and Reports | Social Pinpoint

Meaningful insights to fuel informed decision-making

Track the performance of your engagements, and truly understand what your community is saying and how they’re engaging.

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View and export relevant and enriching reports

View key metrics about your engagement in stunning visual ways and see how these change over time.

Effortlessly monitor the performance of your entire site in real-time to gather actionable insights as they unfold. Export your visualizations and reports as print-ready, high-quality files to disseminate information within your organization, or export raw data for further analysis.

Focused analytics for community engagement

Social Pinpoint will reduce the time you spend reporting and analyzing your community engagement data.

Access purpose-built reports designed specifically for public engagement purposes. Track how well you are converting your visitors against a number of key goals, and discover how your visitors are interacting and contributing to your projects.

Multi-level reporting and automated analysis

Gain a comprehensive view of performance or dive further into the details with multi-level reporting and analysis.

View any reports at a project, group, team, or sitewide level to quickly determine project success, or pinpoint gaps in performance. Make more proactive decisions and consistently improve your community engagement strategy with useful comparisons and help from our Analysis Assistant.

Our team is here to support you, every step of the way.

No matter where your organization is in its community engagement journey, we want to ensure you feel supported.

Your success is our success.