ARPA Civic Engagement Package

Social Pinpoint has developed an ARPA Funding Package to provide Governments and Community Planners with the Civic Engagement Tools and Resources needed to engage their community.

Our Survey Builder just got a powerful new upgrade

Our latest update includes a new builder layout with an upgraded preview mode, several new question types and added functionalities to improve usability and efficiency. 

World Class Interactive Mapping

Social Pinpoint is the market leading platform to help increase the quality of your data by letting your community show you exactly where their feedback, ideas and concerns relate.

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Community Engagement Platform

Social Pinpoint is a customizable community engagement platform. Our broad range of tools and capabilities have delivered results on thousands of community engagement projects. Create a space to keep your community engaged and informed. Strengthen your relationship with your community and stakeholders in order to reach better planning outcomes.

Community Engagement Platform Case Studies

Social Pinpoint is a highly configurable digital community engagement platform that is suitable for any kind of planning project. Check out some of our latest case studies below.

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