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Social Pinpoint provides a flexible suite of digital tools to enhance your community and stakeholder engagement. Inform decision-making, encourage diversity and inclusion, and eliminate participation barriers to drive better project outcomes.

Leading Community and Civic Engagement Platform, Example of Location-Based Targeting with Interactive Maps

Lead the Conversation

Your community is already engaging online and you need to be leading the conversation. Simplify the process of capturing meaningful feedback via our intuitive Engagement Platform, or Standalone Tools.

Our suite of digital tools have delivered incredible results on thousands of community engagement projects worldwide. With a highly experienced team of online engagement experts to provide training, support, and guidance on best practice, we ensure you achieve optimal project outcomes.

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Engagement Pages

Our Engagement Pages act as your central portal to inform, consult and connect with your community. With an intuitive, drag and drop interface, you can easily build beautiful stand-alone websites without any coding experience. 

Interactive Mapping

Our innovative, industry-leading Maps, allow you to expertly capture, visualize and analyze feedback by letting your community show you exactly where their ideas or concerns relate. 

Our innovative, award-winning Maps, allow you to expertly capture, visualize and analyze feedback.

Ideas Wall

Our Ideas Wall is a fun way to digitally capture, organize and summarize your community’s ideas and suggestions by providing a collaborative space for to reflect on specific topics of interest.

The Survey Upgrades You Have Been Waiting For

Capturing data from your community or stakeholders is essential. But, to capture feedback that is actionable? You need to ask the right questions. We have recently upgraded our survey design so that you can easily capture more meaningful, personalized data.

Our Surveys are smart, which means you can simply capture more meaningful, personalized data by implementing Skip Logic and Custom Variables.

Best Practice Starts Here

Our insightful Blog features a collection of community engagement pieces to unpack innovative strategies, feature thought-provoking research, and help guide best practice. 


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