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Gather opinions and feedback from your community in a fast and efficient manner.

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Simple and easy participation

Not all community engagement activities have to be time intensive as not all community members have time to spare to provide longer commentary and feedback.

The Quick Poll enables to you conduct a quick pulse check on the opinions and preferences of your community. Pose a simple question to your audience and get them to pick from a set of pre-defined response options.

Showcase poll results

Instantly visualize your Quick Poll results to provide a snapshot of feedback.

Results can be made visible to the user either before or after voting and you can choose whether users see a bar graph or a pie chart. This will help all users benchmark their answers against other user responses.

Grab community attention

Grab your community’s attention with fun and interactive questions that pique their interest.

Because Quick Polls can be placed absolutely anywhere, this means you can use them to expand your project narrative and keep your members engaged with a little bit of fun. Humorous, perplexing, or bizarre questions will gain more attention and help provide more personality to your projects.

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When you’re trying to build trust with your community, every interaction matters.

Social Pinpoint helps you to create meaningful public participation experiences that will keep citizens coming back for more.


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