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The New Social Pinpoint is Here!

Social Pinpoint is evolving. We believe that the diversity of voices in our communities can solve today’s biggest challenges. People will always be affected…

3 Ways to Optimize Your Public Engagement Initiative Post-Launch

In this new three-part blog series, follow Adrienne Hamilton’s journey to get a client-side view of successful project planning, launching, and reporting of a…

How to Build Community Consensus Throughout the Engagement Process

Building community consensus goes hand in hand with increasing your social capital and your overall social license. However, more and more organizations are discovering…

How to Create a Community Engagement Report [with Examples]

When we ask citizens to share their feedback with us, it’s vital that we report back to them as to how their input has…

What Questions Should I Ask My Community?

There is no shortage of collective intelligence in our communities. However, knowing how to tap into it in a meaningful way is another story.…

Boost Your Community Engagement Rates with QR Codes

QR codes have finally found their way into the limelight. After being widely used for contact tracing, they have been adopted by many other…


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