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Social Pinpoint provides easy to use online solutions for community engagement projects. The self service tool can be configured for a variety of different applications - we've shown some common examples of projects below.

Land Use Planning Projects

Objective: To inform the community and stakeholders about Planning Strategies and invite comments and participation around decision making.

Setup: Typical setup includes defining a project area, overlaying information such as land use designations or key features onto the map; configuring the types of comments, surveys, general project information and branding.

Transport Consultations

Objective: To invite the community to participate in investigations or planning around traffic management, signal review, cycleways, safety and other traffic related projects. 

Setup: Typical setup includes defining one or multiple corridors, identifying key features and configuring comments and surveys to gather feedback. 

Ideas Wall Demo

Objective: Capture ideas and opinions that may not be location-based in a controlled and moderated environment with instant access to reporting and analytics. 

Setup: Typical setup includes defining the types/ categories of questions you will ask to collect the feedback for your project, choosing colours and icons. 

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