The Social Pinpoint Learning Centre is Now Public

At Social Pinpoint we are always looking for ways to advance best practice in digital community engagement. To help facilitate wider learning and adoption of our platform, we have decided to open our Learning Centre up to the public so everyone can learn what is available to them to help advance their community engagement practice.

The Social Pinpoint Learning Centre provides user guides, tutorials, and articles to help take your digital engagement to the next level. We have curated an incredible library of helpful tips, tricks, and hints to help not only our clients but wider industry professionals, with the most up-to-date knowledge of platform use.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, we knew we wanted to join the likes of other well-known organizations like Churnzero, ZoomInfo, Atlassian or Miro to allow non-clients to learn about our platform. We also want to grow and expand what this Learning Centre could look like over time, so connecting with a wider community can help us shape this space.

This also presents a great opportunity for us to share what Social Pinpoint can achieve with the public and allow our current customer community to show off, advocate, and connect with a great network of colleagues from global organizations.

So, what does this mean for our current clients?

Well, our Learning Centre is now easier for you to access! From your Dashboard, you will be able to click straight through to access the Learning Centre. No need to remember multiple passwords and no need for a separate login for both your engagement site and the Learning Centre.

This also means that you can share Social Pinpoint knowledge internally with your team and non-users a lot faster. Direct any team member to an article or tip by instantly sharing the link. We can’t wait to see how this assists community engagement teams pioneer internal adoption but streamlines project creation when collaborating with other departments.

If you are working with any consultants, they will also be able to access this information instantly.

Due to our recent rebrand, the Learning Centre is still catching up on historical references to The HiVE, so there may be a few instances that this terminology is still visible.


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