The New Social Pinpoint is Here!

Social Pinpoint is evolving.

We believe that the diversity of voices in our communities can solve today’s biggest challenges. People will always be affected by change, which is why the power of community engagement goes beyond a one-way conversation. Global communities should have the opportunity to not only play their part in the conversation, but also feel justified, involved, and heard.

10 years on and 1000s of projects later, Social Pinpoint has grown up spectacularly to become an industry-leading digital engagement platform. More than anything, we want our clients to continue to connect, develop, and build positive relationships with their communities and stakeholders.

In order to support this effectively, having a solution that is focused on long-term relationship-building and investing in true community transparency and active public participation is essential.

To better reflect our growth, communicate our differentiation, and help inspire our clients in an ever-changing world, it was time for Social Pinpoint to evolve.

The decision to rebrand Social Pinpoint.

In February 2022, Social Pinpoint merged with The HiVE, a leading community engagement platform. After working closely with our clients and industry partners, and after a rigorous decision-making process, we have made the decision to focus the majority of our design and development efforts on The HiVE platform moving forward.

To further elevate and innovate this refined focus on creating the best-in-class software solution dedicated to community engagement, we have decided to relaunch The HiVE as our new version of Social Pinpoint… with a strengthened brand to match! The current Social Pinpoint platform will be renamed to Social Pinpoint (SPP) Classic and The HiVE will become Social Pinpoint.

We promise our rebrand won’t change your experience with how you currently interact with Social Pinpoint. Every single one of our clients can still expect the same high standard of support and quality of service.

Introducing the new Social Pinpoint.

The new version of Social Pinpoint opens up immense opportunities to expand your community engagement efforts, and align with a few of our most-requested features. Some of this innovative functionality includes:

  • Updated user experience: Completely new look and feel making it faster and easier to create stunning engagement tools and pages that encourage engagement from stakeholders.
  • More tools: Access over 40 tools and a host of additional functionality, providing you with more flexibility and options when creating your engagements.
  • Flexible pages: Easily create multiple pages, and sub-pages, with different templates, that all work to seamlessly enhance and blend in with your organization’s brand.
  • Surveys: We have placed a greater emphasis on survey technology to provide a more advanced survey tool.
  • Capture ideas and stories: We have updated our tool offering to promote more effective storytelling and ideation practices.
  • Smoother workflows: We have made the ability to draft, schedule, and publish your projects more powerful. These workflows will instantly increase collaboration and approvals across your organization.
  • Community building: Community-building features help you inspire people to join, collect insightful information, and keep people updated on the things that matter to them.

We have also developed a helpful infographic below that illustrates the main differences between Social Pinpoint and SPP Classic.

Your questions answered.

We’ve taken the time to answer a few key questions.

What is the difference between the new version of Social Pinpoint and SPP Classic?

The new version of Social Pinpoint and SPP Classic are entirely different platforms. Care has been taken to work with a number of key clients from both products to ensure any critical feature gaps are filled in the new version of Social Pinpoint. This ensures clients who opt-in to move across to the new version not only gain access to a number of new tools and functionality but also find tools and functionality they have become familiar with.

While there will be some key differences between the two products from a visual and feature perspective, all of our clients can still expect the same high standard of support and quality of our tools. Some of the key differences for clients currently using SPP Classic can be seen in the above infographic.

Is this new version included with my SPP Classic subscription?

Although these versions have a similar set of core features, the overall user interface and functionality are executed differently. Therefore, due to the advanced feature and functionality in our new version, we are unable to include this within your current subscription.

Fortunately, the new version of Social Pinpoint opens up immense opportunities to expand your community engagement efforts, and align with a few of our most-requested features.

Can I try the new version of Social Pinpoint?

Absolutely! If you’re a current SPP Classic customer, upon request you can get access to a full-featured trial site for the new version of Social Pinpoint.

We recommend our clients take full advantage of utilizing the trial period to ensure the new version of Social Pinpoint meets all of the features and functionality that your organization requires. If you believe the new version is not meeting your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to understand where these gaps are and how we can resolve this.

Will clients be forced to move across to the new version?

No, we will not be forcing clients to move across to the new version of Social Pinpoint. We anticipate that SPP Classic will still be used by certain clients in the future.

The current Social Pinpoint product will continue to be maintained, however, in the interest of offering our clients the best in class tools and experience we will be focusing our attention on the new version. For any updates regarding the previous version, this will be referred to as SPP Classic.


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