The Importance of a Full Community Engagement Platform – from Digital Tools to Data Reporting and Analysis

Community engagement is one of the best ways to gather data and generate insights for a particular area on any sort of planning, environmental or infrastructure project, and while collating all that information is one part, have you ever wondered what you can do with all that data?

While stakeholders give feedback using the forward-facing tools on your Social Pinpoint Project, the data you receive is most likely the reason you use the platform in the first place. So, how can we make sense of all the data we receive in order to make informed decisions?

Consultation Manager works across a variety of industries and helps you better understand your stakeholders by making it easy for you to record, track, and analyze all of your data. This makes it quick and simple for you to view things like how many times someone has contacted you, who within your organisation may already be speaking to them, what issues they have raised and most importantly generate valuable reports and insights for your team in a way that’s easy to use and digest.

I know what you’re thinking.  How exactly does all this work? Well here’s a real-life scenario. Imagine a City was planning a truly amazing vision for a park project that would allow everyone in the neighborhood an opportunity to come to enjoy the fresh air, ponds, and wildlife they intend to showcase. After gathering community feedback through Social Pinpoint, in person and through other tools, their data was added to Consultation Manager. Based on all of the initial feedback, they decided to set up music areas and host farmer’s markets on the weekends to continue engagement for the project. One of the main promoters is Beth. Beth lives by the park and has been super vocal, and offered amazing insights into how the park will affect the surrounding neighborhood.

Looking at Beth’s profile in Consultation Manager, we can see a full history of Beth’s engagements with the City, compromising of survey submissions, community meeting attendance, phone calls, emails and more.


The initial consultation period has now been completed and construction has begun on the new park, however, Beth has just called to let the city know that the bulldozers at 8am just aren’t cutting it. Consultation Manager makes it easy for a city staff member to quickly look up Beth’s profile and see every interaction you’ve had with Beth in one place. It can be quickly deducted that Beth’s been quite vocal on the project and insights have been extremely valuable. Using Consultation Manager, you can then easily assign a task to someone on your team to reach out to Beth regarding her complaint and to the site supervisor to change the timing of bulldozer work. Just like that, you’re able to communicate and work with your stakeholders and team like never before.


Imagine being able to do this for any and all of the projects that you are working on at any given time. By using Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager together in unison, you’re able to gather feedback using forward-facing tools and better understand and use your data to be more successful and achieve better project outcomes. This is just the beginning of how technology allows us to use every tool available to not just be better planners,  but better engineers,  better community leaders, and better neighbors.

I’m sure you are starting to envision how valuable this history is for all of your relationships with various types of Stakeholders from Government officials, business owners, first nations and community members.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how your project could use Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager please feel free to reach out to us for a demo.


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