The HiVE Joins Social Pinpoint to Build Next-Generation Community Engagement Technology

Next Generation of Community Engagement
Community engagement is at the forefront of everything we do at Social Pinpoint and The HiVE. We are delighted to announce that Harvest Digital Planning, makers of The HiVE, a leading, global community engagement technology provider will be joining forces with Social Pinpoint to take our Community Engagement offerings to the next level.

The HiVE is well known for its robust participation toolbox and outstanding page builder, which complements Social Pinpoint’s mission to inform decision-making, encourage diversity and inclusion, and eliminate participation barriers to drive better project outcomes.

The natural synergy and alignment between Social Pinpoint and The HiVE will empower and elevate global communities to collectively deliver a better future for people and place. By uniting our deep knowledge of sector, product, and experience, we are committed to enhancing value for both our customers and society as a whole. This strategic partnership will create the leading, dedicated community and stakeholder engagement provider in the market.

In addition to joining Social Pinpoint, the merger will include Consultation Manager, MySite’s leading stakeholder relationship management platform. Together, these products provide a powerful product suite that spans the entire community and stakeholder engagement process, offering considerable value to organizations seeking well-crafted, integrated solutions to level up their practice.

“We are so excited to welcome The HiVE to our product offering in the Community Engagement and Stakeholder Management space. Our goal here at MySite is to provide market-leading tools that meet the whole-of-cycle needs of community and stakeholder industry professionals,” announced Craig Chudleigh, CEO of MySite.
“Joining forces with Adam and Brian and the team at Harvest Digital Planning allows us to combine all our knowledge and experience to provide greater insights, products, and services for our customers now, and develop the next generation of technology to enhance their community engagement for tomorrow,” continued James Moore, Managing Director of Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager.

As the community engagement and stakeholder relationship management profession continues to advance and become more sophisticated, engagement technology solutions and tools need to evolve. We are guided by a shared purpose to help our customers connect, develop, and build positive relationships with their communities and stakeholders through meaningful, innovative, and trusted technology.

For over 10 years, Harvest has been at the forefront of digital community engagement technology. Pooling our resources and expertise will let us push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry and build on our strong reputation for excellence in customer service and support. We believe this move will enhance the value we can offer our shared customers and increase our capacity to deliver positive social impact“, added Adam Smith, Director of Harvest Digital Planning.

For current clients of Social Pinpoint, you can expect to see greater efficiencies, deeper insights, and more value over time as we continue to strengthen our partnership. This enhanced focus on community engagement and stakeholder relationship management will lead to rapid product development and evolution – we are excited to take you along this journey with us.



About Harvest Digital Planning and The HiVE

The HiVE is a complete community engagement solution that supports the online participation process, broadens reach, and informs better decision making. With an innovative suite of powerful participation tools, The HiVE helps build strong and active online communities and turn anonymous visitors into active and engaged digital citizens.

The HiVE was developed by Harvest Digital Planning, a civic participation company that enables people to actively shape their cities and communities through technology. Harvest DP help their customers navigate the digital landscape, build intelligence, and unlock meaningful insights.


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