Community engagement for Energy, Resources and Utilities

Social Pinpoint’s powerful community engagement platform supports effective community, stakeholder, and indigenous engagement for Energy, Resource and Utility providers. Successfully support the needs and expectations of your community and customers with Social Pinpoint.

Build strong and resilient community connections

Empower your community to have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, and start making better decisions together.

With Social Pinpoint, you will instantly increase accessibility, enhance your public engagement, and hear from a diverse and representative share of stakeholder voices. Our inclusive and flexible suite of online community engagement tools are designed to encourage your community to share their feedback.

From keeping your community consistently informed to empowering them to participate in decision-making, our platform is built to support all energy and utility providers.

Benefits & Features

With 40+ tools (and counting), Social Pinpoint makes it easy for people to provide input and feedback, regardless of their location or schedule. By reaching a wider audience, you can ensure that a diverse range of voices are heard and that you are reflecting the needs of your community.

With Social Pinpoint’s real-time data collection and analysis, you can make informed decisions based on the perspectives and priorities of your stakeholders. Easily track both the reach and depth of your engagements, identify gaps in performance or representation, and learn how people have engaged with your projects.

Create a single engagement portal to promote ongoing and active public participation with a customizable registration system. By making your engagement process more open and accessible, you can demonstrate your commitment to transparency and accountability with your stakeholders.

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