Social Pinpoint Acquires MetroQuest

In an era where governments, organizations, and people seek more effective ways to connect, inform, and engage with their communities online, Social Pinpoint is poised to lead the way. Today, we are delighted to announce the acquisition of MetroQuest, a prominent player in the public engagement software industry.

Since 2013, Social Pinpoint has grown spectacularly to become the platform of choice for comprehensive public engagement internationally. With 35+ tools (and counting), Social Pinpoint is consistently investing in its technology so that clients can adapt their approach for every project, constantly grow their capabilities, and stay at the cutting edge of digital engagement.

For more than 25 years MetroQuest has been at the leading edge of innovation and best practices for effective, inclusive public involvement for DOTs, MPOs, regional transportation agencies, and firms. This strategic partnership will pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in public participation and enhance Social Pinpoint’s position as a trailblazer in the field.

As a forward-thinking company, Social Pinpoint has always been at the forefront of transforming the way communities engage with various projects and initiatives. By combining forces with MetroQuest, Social Pinpoint aims to revolutionize the public engagement landscape, enabling organizations to gather valuable insights, facilitate valuable collaboration, and deliver outcomes that incorporate the diverse perspectives of the community.

MetroQuest established and set a precedent for high-quality and thoughtful digital engagement. Social Pinpoint will continue to carry that legacy forward and evolve the values and principles of MetroQuest to build the next generation of engagement tools.

The integration of MetroQuest’s powerful visual survey with Social Pinpoint’s existing suite of tools will provide an all-encompassing platform that caters to the diverse needs of public engagement professionals. This unified solution will enable users to further streamline the entire engagement process, from initial planning and outreach to data collection and analysis, in a seamless and efficient manner.

Social Pinpoint remains committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, and this acquisition is a testament to that commitment. Existing and future customers can expect even greater value from the integrated platform, as it combines the strengths and expertise of two industry leaders.

The journey towards equitable engagement is one we are proud to be a part of. View our official acquisition announcement below:

About MetroQuest

MetroQuest is a renowned software company that has been at the forefront of public engagement solutions in transport planning. With 25+ years of experience and research in public engagement for urban and transportation planning, MetroQuest re-designed the traditional survey with planning teams in mind. Now, their cutting-edge platform enables organizations to gather insights, build consensus, and make informed decisions that positively impact communities.


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