1. Overview

1.1 This Service Level Agreement applies to the SaaS (Social Pinpoint platform, previously The HiVE) as set out in the Order.

2. Definitions

2.1 Capitalised terms have the meaning given in the Agreement, and in this Service Level Agreement the following words mean:

Availability means ((Total Minutes – Downtime)/Total Minutes) x 100

Business Hours means 9:00am – 5:00pm on a Business Day.

Downtime means [the number of whole minutes within the relevant calendar month that you are unable to access the Services] as measured by our monitoring and logging infrastructure, which the Parties agree is the source of truth for determining Availability, errors and whether we have met the Availability Target.

Downtime does not include Scheduled Downtime, Emergency Maintenance or any unavailability of the SaaS Services or delay in providing the Support Services caused by an Excluded Event.

Emergency Maintenance means any maintenance deemed necessary to protect and maintain the security or integrity of the Services.

Response Time Target means the time between your proper submission of a Service Request or Incident and our notice to you of receipt of your submission of the Service Request or Incident, or where we first become aware of an Incident, the time between us becoming aware of the Incident and our notice of an Incident to you.

Scheduled Downtime means planned maintenance or upgrades to the Services with reasonable advance notice to you via the Services or email.

Severity means the urgency of a Support Request or an Incident, as assigned by us and as described in the table in clause 3.1(b) of this Service Level Agreement.

Total Minutes means the total number of minutes in the relevant calendar month.

3. Service Levels for the SaaS

3.1 On and from the Go-Live Date until the end of the Term:

(a) we will use commercially reasonable endeavours to provide Availability of the SaaS in accordance with the following Availability Target: 99.9%.

(b) we will use commercially reasonable endeavours to provide the Support Services in response to Support Requests and Incidents in accordance with the below Response Time Targets:

Severity Level


Response Time Targets

Severity 1: Critical

Severity 1 events are of the most critical nature and are of the highest priority. This category is characterised by outages in the Services that have an extreme business impact and make it completely unavailable for all Authorised Users and End Users.

Response Time: 30 Minutes (during Business Hours)

Status Updates: Every 1 Business Hour

Severity 2: Severe

Severity 2 events are defined by a severe loss of a part of the Services, where the vast majority of users cannot reasonably continue work, and are characterised by the following:

(i) loss of critical or important features that do not have any acceptable work around;

(ii) the system hangs indefinitely, causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response;

(iii) data loss or corruption is experienced.

Response Time: 2 Business Hours

Status Updates: Every 2 Business Hours

Severity 3: Major

Severity 3 events are defined by issues that disrupt an important, but non-critical function of the Services and are characterised by the following:

(i) major components or core functionality of the system are unavailable or not usable for a limited number of Users;

(ii) the issue is generally isolated in nature, and affects only a small portion of the Services;

(iii) a majority of Users complain about a defect that would otherwise be classified as Minor

Response Time: 4 Business Hours

Severity 4: Minor

Severity 4 events are defined by non-material issues that do not majorly disrupt your Users daily business activities, or activities of End Users, and are characterised by the following:

(i) a core function or feature is failing in rare or difficult to reproduce scenarios;

(ii) a non-core function or feature is not usable or does not work in one or more of its commonly used scenarios.

Response Time: 2 Business Days

Severity 5: Trivial

Severity 5 events are defined where a function or feature is working, but not as preferred or expected and with no real detriment to the Services.

Response Time: 3+ Business Days