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Brainstorm ideas for internal collaboration or public engagement.

Crowdsourced Engagement from Your Community

Bring your 'sticky-notes on a wall' concept to life with our online brainstorming tool. The online ideation tool is a helpful way to manage internal collaboration or to get your community involved in your next project.

Easy Setup

We know you don't have a lot of time to set-up an ideas wall, but our self-service administration portal makes it quick and easy to set up and manage your projects. Customize content, categorize ideas, colors, branding, icons and more.

Instant Feedback

Always stay updated with real time feedback! Optionally, allow users to vote and discuss feedback from other participants. Sort and filter the data, export to excel or access through our secure API.

Moderation and Review

It's important for you to keep an engagement space safe and friendly. Maintain control with in-build profanity filters, comment review tools, moderation tools including email notifications, tagging comments and more.

Powerful Reporting

Our automatic dashboarding tools allow you to understand, export and report your project data easily at any time. Track real-time user analytics, participation rates, and levels of engagement.

Social Media Integration

Optionally connect your project to popular Social Media platforms through our in-built integrations. Allow users to share feedback and promote your project to increase traffic to your site.

Works everywhere

We've made it easy to engage on all devices. The responsive design allows your project to work on all common browsers and devices. Desktop, tablet and mobile users can all get involved.

Featured Project

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.57.16 am

The City of Newcastle (NSW, Australia) - Better Together Ideas Wall

Newcastle City Council used an ideas wall to gather community input to update their community strategic plan - Newcastle 2030. This plan will identify the main priorities and aspirations of their community and provide a clear set of strategies to deliver them. It will guide the councils projects over the next 10 years and beyond which is why they chose an ideas wall to create an open discussion for residents to give their feedback.


Our Ideas Wall project was a great success. It worked really well with our social media campaign, enabling us to get greater involvement from young people than we might normally get for a strategic planning project.

- Anna, Newcastle City Council