Pricing and Plans

We’ve made digital engagement affordable, with no hidden
costs or extras that hit you when you least expect it.

New to online engagement? Our starter package is perfect for any organization looking to connect with their community with a single project consultation. 

Starting to increase your online engagement strategy? This is suitable for smaller organizations  looking to focus on multiple projects.

Are you regularly engaging with your community? Our Standard subscription provides a more advanced platform for your engagement strategy.

No limitations. Built for large organizations looking to undertake a rigorous online engagement strategy.

Are You a Consultant?

Increase the value of your offering by utilizing an industry-leading online engagement platform. Our Single Project Consultation package provides advanced reporting and our advanced engagement toolkit.

Access all of the features and functionality in our Standard package to use on a Single Project with up to 5 Admin Users.

Consultant Pricing for Social Pinpoint

Packages for Government

Our team has the experience to understand the unique needs and requirements of government entities. That’s why we have customized packages that are designed to help your engagement strategy remain cost-effective and affordable.

This approach allows us to apply our expertise to each relationship, no matter the complexity. 

Need something else?

Don’t see a solution that fits your requirements? If you are a non-profit, or are looking to use our platform for educational purposes, please contact us to discuss options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the 14-days you can use all Social Pinpoint’s features. To make your project public, you will need a paid subscription.

Your data is saved until you choose a subscription so you won’t need to start from scratch.

Nope. We do not require any payment info for the free trial.

Yes. Social Pinpoint is a self service platform so you’ll have access to all the tools and documentation to create your own projects. If you get stuck we are also here to help!

Yes – you can upload your own data and customize instructional text, logos, icons, URL and branding.

It sure is! We understand your concerns for security as it is a critical element to online engagement. We protect your information and also provide regional hosting options. For more information security visit our FAQ’s page.

Yes – we provide a 60-minute onboarding session to get you started with setting up your account/project.

We consider a project to be map or an ideas wall because they have separate URLs and separate data sets. This would be 2 projects. Surveys, landing pages, forums, and other tools are included.

You’ll have the option to renew your subscription or let it expire after 12 months. With a subscription renewal, you’ll receive a new allowance of projects for the upcoming year. Your past projects in the account may stay active or closed as needed.

With an account expiry, you’ll lose access to your account however will be able export all of your engagement data beforehand.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time within the year and only pay for the balance of the subscription you upgrade into. At that time you’ll receive additional projects which can be used for the remainder of original 12 month subscription.

No, Social Pinpoint is a cloud-based software.

Yes. While Social Pinpoint is a self-service software, our team is happy to build your project for you. The cost of this additional service will depend on the scope of the project; send an email to or directly to your account manager to get started.

Certain subscriptions allow for you to select regional hosting between our US, UK, CA, and AUS servers. Where regional hosting is not supported, your data will be stored on our .com server in the US.

Social Pinpoint stores your data but does not use it in any capacity, as you own the data you collect. For our full statement on data and security, please visit our full documentation here.

Social Pinpoint does not require your stakeholders to create an account in order to leave feedback on projects.

Social Pinpoint does have a built-in filter for explicit, profane or threatening content. Anything flagged by this filter will require admin review before going public. All other moderation is performed by admin users in the dashboard while logged in.

Certain subscription levels will allow for you to use an existing base map from any of the following mapping engines: Esri ArcGIS, Mapbox, & HERE.

Yes. Our tools are built with mobile in mind first, as we know that a majority of stakeholders will engage on smart phones or tablets.

Certain subscription levels include a Google translate widget that can be applied on your project pages and tools. You’ll also have the ability to clone projects and provide your own manual translation as needed. (Projects cloned for language purposes will only count towards a single project in your subscription.)

Social Pinpoint does not require your stakeholders to create an account in order to leave feedback on projects.

Credit card, PayPal and invoicing.

Payment is to be received within 30 days of invoiced date.

No, though our plans are yearly you are free to cancel anytime and the account will expire at the end of the 12 months.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime and we can pro-rate what you have paid within the same 12 month period.