Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting

Empower your community to decide together how to spend part, or all of a government budget.

Deepen Democracy - Build Stronger Communities

The participatory budgeting module can be used within your existing project page or embedded on your external website to provide an online process of democratic deliberation where internal or external stakeholders can contribute towards the allocation of budget.

Simple Voting

The simple votes style of budget allows a user to select a given number (or range) of options from a list, where each item is considered to be equal or value is not important.

Under this configuration users are presented with a range of options from a list and can vote on a configured number of selections to be implemented.



An example scenario could be that you have 25 playgrounds and have funding to upgrade the equipment in 5 of them; the tool would allow users to vote for their top 5 priorities.

knapsack Voting

The knapsack style of budget allows a user to select options from a list where each item has a value. The budget will have a maximum value that can be allocated across all selected options, and may also have limits placed on the number of options that can be selected (regardless of value).



An example would be a scenario where you have a $2M budget and can choose to fund individual projects up to the limit of the total budget.