Getting ready for engagement

ready for engagement


“Take your projects and products to unimaginable heights by collaborating with your community and stakeholders.”

We have developed a valuable ebook resource to help you get ready for your engagement projects. Full of infographics, insightful information and checklists.

Here’s a small directory of what you will find in the ebook.

  • What is community engagement?
  • The six benefits of engaging early
  • The seven common internal engagement hurdles and how to overcome them
  • The seven step engagement process

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Three benefits of engaging with your community

1) You’ll design user-friendly products and services that people love.

2) You’ll solve the real problems with lasting solutions.

3)  The right people should play a part in shaping the scope, vision and outputs of your projects.

The most common internal engagement hurdles and how to overcome them

1. There is no time

In a political environment, decision makers will be reluctant to make a final decision if the community is telling them they have not been properly involved. If the community surprises you at the last minute with their overwhelming objections, there is a risk your project could be stalled for months or even years.

Download the e-book to learn how to overcome this hurdle.

2. There’s no budget

Online options are proven to be significantly cheaper, less resource intensive and can be more successful than traditional methods, such as public meetings. Combining online and offline methods is the best way to ensure all bases are covered. Importantly, online engagement tools and social media provide a platform for project information to be provided to the wider community while allowing conversations to be constructive. Reducing the risk of misinformation. This allows you to manage community discussions in real time at a low cost.

In the future, try to convince decision-makers as early as possible that upcoming projects need more time and money spent on engagement and communications.

Download the e-book to learn how to overcome this hurdle.

The engagement process

1. Planning

2. Co-defining the problem

3. Reviewing contributions

4. Solutions exploration

5. Reviewing responses

6. Communication

7. Evaluation

Print the ebook and keep it on a table in your board room. Send a copy to your staff members for inspiration. It’s free!

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