Consultation Manager Acquires Social Pinpoint

Since the very beginning Social Pinpoint has seen strong growth; starting in Australia, then into Canada, United States, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

Despite having completed hundreds of projects, hundreds of thousands of users and millions of comment events – we still get the feeling that things are only just getting started!

People expect to be involved in decisions that affect them and they want to engage online – we have been proud to be leading the way with some of our great online engagement tools.

Many of the leading digital engagement tools have had early origins in Australia and we have been very fortunate to have formed great relationships with other organisations in this space. We frequently pass job leads on to each other, share ideas, build integrations together and are usually the last ones standing at the post conference drinks events!

Consultation Manager – a global leader in software to manage stakeholder relations – has been one of these organisations that we have formed a strong bond with. Having common goals and ambitions – it made sense to look at options to grow together.

We are excited to announce that Consultation Manager has acquired Social Pinpoint.

“Our clients want stimulating visual interfaces and solutions for collecting stakeholder data, and Social Pinpoint is leading the way in this space. We’re now excited to now be able to offer a complete end-to-end solution.” Andrew Mckay – Co-Founder Consultation Manager

Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint’s complementary products and resources will join forces to continue to lead the way with innovative online engagement tools.

The highlights of the agreement are

  • Social Pinpoint retains its identity, branding and all the things that our customers love
  • Co-founders Charles and Colin continue to lead the charge
  • We now have increased resources and funding for customer support, product development, sales and marketing
  • Stronger integration between platforms to give the end user a very complete and powerful engagement solution
  • Together we now strengthen our global reach and capabilities

“Both organisations share a very similar working culture so the transition should be fairly seamless. The fact that we are both focused on a global market makes this a very exciting opportunity.” Charles Connell – Founder Social Pinpoint

On one hand it is business as usual at Social Pinpoint – we’ll continue to provide organizations with better solutions to engage with their communities and stakeholders. On the other hand – expect many new and exciting announcements in the coming months as we expand into new territories and opportunities!


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