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Social Pinpoint is an online civic engagement solution that puts people at the center of decision-making. Boost public participation, broaden your reach, and explore diverse perspectives to deliver better outcomes for your citizens.

Trusted by governments, organizations, planners, and consultants worldwide.

Your flexible civic engagement solution

With its unparalleled flexibility, Social Pinpoint allows you to choose a solution that is perfectly suited to your civic engagement strategy. From easily keeping your community informed to empowering them to participate in decision-making, we have the right tool for the job.

Overcome public participation barriers and capture meaningful feedback online with our intuitive and cost-effective toolkit. Mix and match our online civic engagement tools to tailor your approach for every project. 

Promote active participation and foster long-term, collaborative relationships with a complete civic engagement platform. Develop balanced and citizen-led solutions with a dedicated online community engagement portal.

Kick start your next online civic engagement project

Start making decisions that are representative of your community by giving citizens more opportunities to share their feedback with you.

Customize your approach for every single project with a variety of standalone or embeddable participation tools: 

"Social Pinpoint helped us identify big conflicts between different users of the Duluth Traverse Trail, such as bikers and hikers. There is a lot of steep topography, blind corners and other dangerous areas, so engaging with the community on a platform that has fantastic location-based tools was a great way to figure out where those problem areas are and try to fix them."

Confluence Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

A civic engagement platform dedicated to long-term success

Create a dedicated space for citizens to stay informed and shape their future with a suite of powerful participation tools. 

Promote active public participation with a comprehensive platform that gives people an ongoing say in the decisions that impact their lives. Easily close the loop with participants to establish trust in your decision-making process. 

Enable equitable decision-making with Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint is an online civic engagement platform that brings decision-makers and the public together. We believe that the diversity of voices in our communities can solve today’s biggest challenges and our mission is to give people a say over the decisions that will impact their lives.

Since our launch in 2013, more than 700 organizations have run online community engagement projects through our platform, reaching 2.5 million citizens, and generating over 1.8 million inputs of valuable feedback and counting. 

Start building a future that people want to live in today.

Ready to explore Social Pinpoint? Our team is available to provide expert support and advice to suit your civic engagement strategy.

Social Pinpoint is easy to learn and quick to deploy, saving you time to focus on engaging. We have taken extra care to ensure a user-friendly and fun experience to suit any level of digital literacy. 

Mix and match your digital community engagement tools for every project and approach. Social Pinpoint’s flexibility allows you to readily add, remove, adjust, or update your tools to align with your strategy. 

Social Pinpoint will reduce the time you spend reporting and analyzing data. Access purpose-built reports to easily view participation rates, understand community sentiment, identify common themes, and more. 

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