PLACED Hoylake Vision | Social Pinpoint Case Study PLACED Hoylake Vision | Social Pinpoint Case Study


PLACED Hoylake Vision

Hoylake Vision was ready to launch – engagement panels were designed, materials were ready to go and the team at PLACED were about to start their face-to-face engagement… and then they couldn’t. Social Pinpoint allowed PLACED to continue the conversation.




Wirral, Merseyside, England


In 2020, PLACED was able to easily adapt and adjust their engagement to align with Social Pinpoint, which was essential for certain projects such as Hoylake Vision.

Key Project Highlights

This case study features Social Pinpoint’s legacy platform SPP Classic. 


Since 2011, PLACED has engaged over 25,000 people of all ages by designing and developing creative engagement methods to ensure people feel empowered, happier, and more connected. Their focus on creating inclusive and impactful work ensures that engagement can add value and shape decisions. Before 2020, all of PLACED’s engagement was done face-to-face, hands-on engagement was their bread and butter and they excelled in this space. When the ability to conduct any face-to-face engagement was impacted by COVID, PLACED turned to Social Pinpoint.

The team at PLACED realized pretty quickly that this catalyst to working digitally was a much-needed shift in their traditional engagement practice. Although searching for the perfect tool took some time, Social Pinpoint’s visually engaging Ideas Wall greatly reflected the work PLACED was already undertaking. Therefore, PLACED was able to easily adapt and adjust their engagement to align with Social Pinpoint, which was essential for certain projects such as Hoylake VIsion.

Hoylake Vision was ready to launch – engagement panels were designed, materials were ready to go and the team at PLACED were about to start their face-to-face engagement… and then they couldn’t. Transitioning to Social Pinpoint allowed PLACED to continue the conversation, although in a slightly different way.

Using Digital Tools for Different Objectives

For Hoylake Vision, it was essential that PLACED could collect location-specific information and open up conversations with the community. Utilizing an Interactive Map, Ideas Wall and Survey helped steer the conversation and themes for different engagement objectives.

Although the Interactive Map’s primary focus was to gather location-specific information, PLACED soon realized the benefits of visually seeing opportunities and challenges in relation to key interest areas. This instantaneous analysis allowed PLACED to identify clusters of comments that were relevant to the community. The Interactive Map revealed the present thoughts of the community – “What are the issues now? What opportunities should we pursue now? How do we feel about Hoylake now?”.

From here, PLACED could use these key interests to shape themes and drive further conversation and context in an Ideas Wall. Framing the Ideas Wall as an aspirational place created an open space for the community by taking away any level of mystery surrounding public input. PLACED also found that the Ideas Wall allowed the community to ‘challenge the louder voices’ that might usually contribute negativity to the conversation and develop a much rounder view from diverse voices. Having such transparent, open dialogue was greatly beneficial as the community could see varying values and beliefs shine.

Having a Survey was extremely important to PLACED as it offered a very familiar way for the community to share its views. This traditional familiarity reduces any overwhelming feelings or challenges that some audiences might face with brand new technology. The Social Pinpoint Survey was easily embedded and worked alongside the Interactive Map and Ideas Wall to increase the accessibility of Hoylake Vision and make sure ‘no one was left behind’ throughout the engagement period.

The flexibility offered by Social Pinpoint to increase the engagement period and adapt the conversation really showcased the benefits of digital tools for PLACED. “With Hoylake, we managed to reach way more people than we would at say, two pop-up events because we were able to open up our engagement reach to a wider audience and have it running for a lot longer than we would have.” Overall, PLACED was extremely happy with the success of Hoylake Vision as they were able to reach a much wider audience than initially planned via the face-to-face pop-up events.

Efficient Engagement Analysis

Maintaining client relationships and providing accurate, transparent feedback and results is a core component for all of the projects PLACED delivers. The ability to easily tag comments and analyze feedback proactively in Social Pinpoint has been extremely efficient for PLACED. The Social Pinpoint admin space enables PLACED to provide their clients with a live overview of key themes and sentiment analysis throughout the engagement period.

In terms of maintaining client relationships, PLACED can easily identify key metrics with Social Pinpoint. “Using Social Pinpoint we were able to seamlessly identify how many citizens have engaged with a project, what are the most talked about issues, and what do we need to start addressing”. Therefore, their team can deliver consistent check-ins and feedback whilst also opening up new conversations with clients about adapting their strategy.

The ability to separately track all feedback from each tool, or each phase of a project, allows for a really transparent process for PLACED. This is really important to their clients and the wider community because it shows that they are being completely honest and up-front about engagement and feedback via a “time capsule of engagement”.

Agile Project Marketing

PLACED will usually target client networks and relevant groups in the community to launch their Social Pinpoint projects and gain traction and awareness. From here, it’s as easy as pushing out a dedicated project URL to the community. PLACED utilizes a range of traditional and digital marketing formats to reach all audiences and increase inclusivity and access to all community members. However, as their use of Social Pinpoint has evolved over time, PLACED identified that Social Pinpoint’s proactive reporting capabilities allowed for nimble changes to their project marketing and how their clients could pivot their marketing and advertising for engagement projects.

“It’s a good tool for word of mouth, and for people to go tell their friends and family to engage with ease online.”

As projects continue to progress and change over time, PLACED is able to post relevant quotes and up-to-date imagery across dedicated digital channels. Revealing what the community is saying so far, and encouraging people to respond and share their views in real-time has been extremely effective for PLACED. This has also allowed clients to consistently shape and promote their projects from very early stages, which, in turn, has amplified word of mouth and online networking to increase project engagement.


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