Easy and Responsive Engagement Embeds

You can now easily embed our digital engagement tools to be responsive with your site

Community engagement opportunities should be easily discoverable.

If you have already built an engaged community on your own website or digital platform, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to start giving people a say in a context that they are familiar with.

So, what is an embed?

Embeds are great for incorporating third-party content to create an engaging and seamless user experience. This can be anything from video players, social media feeds, or community engagement tools.

Gather real-time, actionable community feedback

Embeds allow your community members to participate from a centralized interface. This means that you can collect contextual insights in an online space that is suitable to your organization to easily increase your participation volume.

If your website or digital platform is already getting a lot of traffic, then you can proactively gather more data from your community by embedding our online surveys, budgets, and forums into high-traffic pages.

You can also leverage the trust and affinity that you have already built in your own environment.

Native embeds are easy-to-use and responsive

You can now either use a native embed code or iFrame to add our surveys, budgets and forums to your own website or digital engagement platform.

You can now use a native embed code to add our surveys, budgets, and forums to your own website or digital engagement platform.

We have added native embed codes to the share options in your project setup as they are more responsive than iFramed content and are great if you’re not familiar with adjusting HTML.

On the other hand, iFrames work well in mobile applications and are useful for particular website builders where scripts aren’t applicable.

Embeddable tool example

After you grab your embed code, easily adding our engagement tools is super simple, an example is shown below of the budgets tool below.

Utilizing our budgets tool you can create simple visual polls with your community.

The Voting style is incredibly useful if you would like community input on future priorities or options.

Get started with our engagement embeds

Follow our step-by-step guides which show you how to embed our tools into your website natively or via iFrames. Keen to see these features in action? Request a free demo with our expert team today or get in touch with our support team.

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