You’re about to learn how to become an expert in inclusive digital engagement

Discover how to engage a representative cross-section of the community with online technology and turn your ambition for inclusivity into a reality.

In this guide you’ll get:

  • An actionable four-step process to implement
  • Examples of inclusive engagement in action
  • The benefits of minimizing participation barriers
  • And more!

Diverse voices lead to better
decisions and outcomes

The diversity of voices in our communities can shape innovative, future-focused solutions for today’s biggest challenges. However, not everyone is always given a seat at the table.

Almost 40% of the community engagement experts in our 2022 Industry Pulse Check strongly agreed that inclusive engagement is understood in their organization. While only 18% strongly agreed that their current community engagement strategies are inclusive. 

If you want to spark change, it’s important that everyone in your organization has a common understanding of what it means to be inclusive.

At times, we can unintentionally exclude people due to a lack of awareness of the barriers that may prevent them from participating.

Knowledge sharing is the best way to improve our practice. Discover how PRR inclusively engaged a diverse community impacted by a transit-orientated development project.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to inclusive engagement, there are five key intervention points to take action: readiness, design, planning, delivery, and review.

Take your inclusive practices to the next level today.

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