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Social Pinpoint is an online community engagement platform designed to innovate and streamline your consultation process.

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Why Social Pinpoint?

Social Pinpoint makes successful online community engagement simple. Our focus on continuous innovation and ease-of-use has resulted in a community engagement platform built for the every day practitioner. With Social Pinpoint, you will instantly increase accessibility, enhance your public participation, and hear from a diverse and representative share of community voices.

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Create fast, launch faster.

Social Pinpoint is easy to learn and quick to deploy, saving you time to focus on connecting with your community. We have taken extra care to ensure a user-friendly and fun experience to suit any level of digital literacy. 

Tailor your toolkit, every time.

Mix and match your digital community engagement tools for every project and approach. Social Pinpoint’s flexibility allows you to readily add, remove, adjust, or update your tools to align with your community engagement strategy. 

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Relevant data, better decisions.

Social Pinpoint will reduce the time you spend reporting and analyzing data. Access purpose-built reports to easily view participation rates, understand community sentiment, identify common themes, and more. 

Tailor a solution that is perfectly suited to your community engagement strategy. From easily keeping your community informed to empowering them to participate in decision-making, we have the right tool for the job. 

Create a shared vision of people and place by empowering your community to share its ideas on an online interactive map. 

Capture your community’s ideas and diverse perspectives by giving citizens a safe space to share their thoughts online.

Choose from a variety of question types so that you can ensure you’re asking your community the right questions, at the right time.

Enjoy using an intuitive, drag and drop interface to easily build accessible stand-alone websites without any coding experience.

Empower your community with the opportunity to prioritize spending so you can better understand what initiatives align with their values. 

Host informed community-led conversations in a safe and moderated space and keep the discussion on track.

Enable equitable decision-making with Social Pinpoint

We believe that the diversity of voices in our communities can solve today’s biggest challenges and our mission is to empower people to shape the decisions that will impact their lives.

Since our launch in 2013, more than 700 organizations have run online community engagement projects through our platform, reaching 2.5 million citizens, and generating over 1.8 million inputs of valuable feedback and counting. 

Best practice online community engagement

Needing to keep track of changing trends in the digital space? Discover the latest insights and advice to ensure that your next online community engagement project is a success. 

Free guide to inclusive community engagement.

Turn your ambition for inclusivity into a reality. Discover how to become an expert in inclusive community engagement and engage a representative cross-section of the community. 

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