What is a stakeholder scan and why do we need one?

Danielle Amos from RPS joins us to talk about stakeholder scanning.

To be on the front foot with your community and stakeholders, you must work out who they are, what they care about and how your project may affect them. At the start of any project, stakeholder scanning is the best way to gain a good understanding of who is around you. A detailed stakeholder scan will help you plan your community and stakeholder engagement approach and reduce community risk.

In this webinar we will talk about how to do a stakeholder scan and what can happen if you get it wrong, or worse, skip this step all together.


We have completed the Social Pinpoint Public Participation for our Regional Transportation Plan.  In my opinion this was the best Public Outreach that has ever occurred here in the area

I loved working with you last time so it’s a no brainer I’ll be using social pinpoint again

Danielle Amos
Danielle Amos
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