Understand Your Places Using Data

Learn how to better understand your places using data with Kylie Legge from Place Score

Data, well collected and managed, can be an invaluable asset for helping to communicate with stakeholders, defined community values, measure place performance and track impact over time. We will be talking low and high tech place data

Data for making better places for people:

  • What is placemaking data?
  • Why is data important?
  • How to leverage data to make better decisions?
  • How can you use data to track impact?
  • What’s next… trends, themes and technology
Kylie Legge
Place Score
Colin Goudie
Social Pinpoint
Ollie Bates
Social Pinpoint


We have completed the Social Pinpoint Public Participation for our Regional Transportation Plan.  In my opinion, this was the best Public Outreach that has ever occurred here in the area

I loved working with you last time so it’s a no brainer I’ll be using Social Pinpoint again