Stakeholder Database Management: Removing the Challenges

Stakeholder Database Management: Removing the Challenges

These days, stakeholder databases are an important part of day to day life. You’re in them, you work with them, but when it comes to actually looking after one, it can sometimes feel very overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to feel like that!

Some stakeholder management databases we've seen in our travels need a little work for varying reasons, and the key people in charge of them are pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to make their database better and easier to use.

Think of your database like a garden. Taking care of it needs a little work up front to ensure you get the best outcomes.

Jonathan final
Jonathan Tuck
Consultation Manager
Freshdesk Zoe
Zoe Chester-Woods
Consultation Manager
Ollie Bates
Social Pinpoint

Join Jonathan Tuck and Zoe Chester-Woods from Consultation Manager on:

  • What we have seen work well (and what doesn't) with stakeholder management databases.
  • How to best implement a new system across your organisation.
  • Best practices when training your internal staff on using a stakeholder database
  • And most importantly, what to think about when customising your system to suite your specific business requirements.


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