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Thursday, August 8th 2019

11:00AM AEST


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Democracy: fun for the whole family with Megan Girdler and Max Hardy

In May, Future Boutique launched the 12-month Power to the People Study to explore the past, present and future of Democracy. Join Megan Girdler and Max Hardy to learn more about the study and how to get involved.

The possible future of Democracy is a subject that captured the interests of researchers, media and community in recent years. Power to the People aims to explore these possible futures in collaboration with everyday people from a variety of different backgrounds and perspectives. It will employ public participation and citizen science methods to produce a people-powered exploration of Democracy.

Power to the People was launched during Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019. The launch event, an expo, was attended by over 100 families throughout the day. Participants made ‘activism’ badges, completed referendums, put puzzles together, and voted online about ‘what Democracy means to them’ and ‘issues they really care about’. Event partners were NewVote, the Centre for Democracy,IAP2A and the Good Karma Effect; and the generous event sponsor was Max Hardy Consulting.

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Megan Girdler
Future Boutique
Colin Goudie
Social Pinpoint
Ollie Bates
Social Pinpoint

Join the webinar to:

  • Hear about the Power to the People launch event and what participants had to say about Democracy.
  • Learn about the engagement techniques the study will use, and ways you can participate.
  • Tell us about what ‘Democracy means to you’ and ask questions about the study.

First, we will check out a few of our favourite projects and then show you how simple it is to use our engagement tools to get your own project up and running in minutes. We will also briefly touch on how easy it is to create a full engagement website using Social Pinpoint.


We have completed the Social Pinpoint Public Participation for our Regional Transportation Plan.  In my opinion, this was the best Public Outreach that has ever occurred here in the area

I loved working with you last time so it’s a no brainer I’ll be using Social Pinpoint again