Safety Pinpoint

Instant Safety Reporting

Online mapping for safety reporting for location based incidents & hazards.
Following the global success of Social Pinpoint - Safety Pinpoint aims to provide organisations with better tools to track, manage and report safety issues, incidents and hazards.
Launched in early 2018 we are now seeking early adopters to work with us on pilot releases. Contact us below for more information.

How It Works


1. Online Incident Reporting

Employees, contractors and site visitors report incidents online. 

A location-based system using our drag and drop interface to visually show the place of the incident or hazard.

Works everywhere with responsive design allows access to safety reporting on all common browsers and devices. Desktop, tablet and mobile users can all get involved.


2. Take Action

Configure notifications and permissions so the right people are quickly informed and able to make the right decisions.

Instant notifications let you know when incidents occur, are actioned or resolved in real-time. Configure notifications and permissions so that the right people are quickly informed and able to make the right decisions.

Increase awareness & reduce risk by making staff and management aware of safety risks, hazards, and asset management issues. Know when and where they occur and receive instant notifications.


3. Database of Incidents

See what tasks are outstanding and which have been completed.

Incident tracking helps check if safety hazards or issues have been resolved & categorizing incidents enables fast and easy daily management.


4. Live Reporting 

Auto-generate reports for mandatory OHS requirements and internal management.

Powerful reporting helps save time with automated reports. Use the in-built reports and dashboard tools for real-time data analytics, track response times, trends over time and more.

Trend analysis over time, see common issues and safety hazards occurring in particular locations. 

Live Dashboard for powerful reporting

Admin users can view instant status updates & gain instant insights into patterns & statistics.

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