The County of Wellington – Road Master Action Plan

The County of Wellington is creating a Road Master Action Plan (RMAP) that will identify short and long-term improvements to County Roads and will shape the way we move around the County in years to come.

As part of this Study, we are engaging with the public to identify their issues on Country Roads, and to get their ideas on how we can improve County Roads and how we connect to other communities and adjacent urban centres.

Instructions: Drag the appropriate pin onto the map to identify where there is a speeding issue, safety concerns, intersection improvements, or where you have general concerns or an opportunity for improvement. In order to keep comments focused around County Roads, pins can only be dropped into the highlighted areas. You can leave as many comments and pins as you like.

If you agree with someone else’s comments, you can also click on the comment and hit like.

Your comments will help us better understand the public’s concerns, and identify where there are opportunities for the RMAP to make improvements to the County Road system.

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