Population growth in Victoria, Australia has resulted in traffic delays and access issues in Bairnsdale, particularly along the Princes Highway and connecting roads. This led VicRoads to look at ways to improve Bairnsdale’s road network so traffic can flow more safely and continuously through the town.

To get a better understanding of the issues and ways to overcome them, VicRoads must gain an understanding of:

  • Road users experiences' on Bairnsdale’s roads
  • Concerns about specific locations on the road network
  • Suggestions to improve safety and traffic flow

This Social Pinpoint interactive map allows the community to highlight locations which they believe have traffic flow, access or safety issues.

Suggestions will be combined with community feedback VicRoads have received on a number of planning initiatives in East Gippsland. This feedback will be considered as VicRoads develop plans to improve Bairnsdale’s road network to meet the community’s needs now and into the future.