Timaru District Council – Geraldine Transport Study

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Geraldine is on a busy tourist route between Christchurch and Queenstown and is experiencing increasing traffic volumes. This presents an opportunity for Geraldine to maximize the economic opportunities from passing through tourists. The economy is also founded on the agricultural industry which relies on an efficient transport system for the import and export of its products. The transport system in Geraldine currently has a heavy focus on personal car use.

However, with an increasing global focus on sustainable transport and an aging population in Geraldine that is likely to rely on modes other than personal vehicles, there is a growing need to better provide for walking and cycling. The transport system is therefore pivotal to the success of Geraldine. To extract the most from the transport system for the people of Geraldine and its visitors, the Timaru District Council (TDC) is developing a 30-year transport strategy to guide investment in the transport system.