Regional Water Assessments – Southern and Darling Downs

NCEconomics has been engaged by the Department of Regional Development,  Manufacturing and Water (DRDMW) to undertake a detailed assessment of future water requirements in the Southern and Darling Downs. This region includes all Southern Downs Regional Council, Goondiwindi Regional Council, Toowoomba Regional Council and parts of Western Downs Regional Council around Dalby.

Once complete, the Southern and Darling Downs Regional Water Assessment will set out how existing infrastructure and non-existing infrastructure can be used to maximize water supply in each area and drive economic growth.

This demand assessment will consider water for irrigation, urban, and mining and industrial uses for the next 30 years. DRDMW will consider the potential impacts of climate change by incorporating the results of climate models into the analysis.

Online market engagement via Socal Pinpoint is being used to identify and scope key issues relating to current and future water requirements, water products, and other drivers. It is also being used to identify constraints to economic development opportunities that require water inputs.

NCEconmics have utilised Social Pinpoint to segment different water use types and allow residents to understand and contribute feedback on: urban water demand; mining and industrial water demand, and agricultural water demand.

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