Northern Beaches Council, Sydney – Walking Plan

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Northern Beaches Council is developing a walking plan to guide the delivery of the future footpath program. Council would like the community’s help to identify missing links within the Northern Beaches existing footpath network and where they should consider new footpaths.

New footpaths are one of the most requested assets from local residents, and therefore it’s important Council works with the community, to help plan the future footpath program and establish walking goals and actions together.

Currently, Council is working from the adopted footpath and Pedestrian Mobility and Access Plans (PAMPs) developed by the former Councils to inform where we build new footpaths.

The soon-to-be-developed Northern Beaches Walking Plan will integrate these former plans into one document and will provide a priority footpath schedule to lead the future footpath program.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide a connected footpath network which supports people walking as a preferred mode of travel, which will encourage walking as a form of transport. This brings far-reaching benefits of reduced vehicle use and traffic congestion, healthy lifestyles and socially interactive and vibrant places for the local community.

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