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The New Zealand Transport Agency is fast tracking a business case to look at options for a Manawatū Gorge alternative route.

State Highway 3 through the Manawatū Gorge has been closed since slips caused damage on 24 April 2017. Continued instability at the slip and other sites is hampering efforts to make the road safe.

The safety of road users is the Transport Agency's number one priority, and at the moment there is not have enough information to know when, or even if, the Manawatū Gorge can be safely reopened.

The NZ Transport Agency has released a long list of options for a long term resilient solution for the Manawatū Gorge route.

Regional Transport Systems Manager Ross I’Anson says the 13 options cover potential alignments that are currently being considered.

“This is an important step towards finding the best performing option for an alternative route from the Manawatū to Hawke's Bay, with the Gorge route out of action because of slips and ongoing movement.

“We’re now keen to hear from people about the options; what they like about particular alignments, what their concerns might be and any other feedback or suggestions they can provide. Receiving feedback from local people and from stakeholders is a vital part of the ongoing process to find a solution for this route.”

Mr I’Anson says the Transport Agency is urging people to go to the project web page to get onto the Social Pinpoint interactive map, where all of the alternative options can be seen on a map, and pins can be placed to make comments on different parts of the potential routes.