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Lake Macquarie City Council is upgrading Charlestown's Pearson Street Mall to create a new and inviting smart space, which will form part of the Charlestown Innovation Precinct (ChIP) and would like the community's help in creating a new and inviting pedestrian space.

Pearson Street Mall will be re-energised and designed to be a more welcoming and connected community space. Whether it's free WiFi and on-demand electronic bus timetables or more live events and casual catch-up spaces, we'd love to hear what people who use this space regularly would like to see in this re-imagined part of Charlestown.

Charlestown is the City's major commercial and public transport hub, contributing significantly to the Lake Macquarie economy. ChIP will help to strengthen this economic activity, assist in creating new diverse employment opportunities for the area and support the implementation of Council's Digital Economy Strategy.