Kāpiti Coast District Council – Destination Management Plan

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As part of a Wellington region-wide project along with all other councils in the Wellington Region, the Kāpiti Coast District Council is developing a Destination Management Plan (DMP). This will help to guide the Kāpiti district (and the Wellington region) to attract visitors, residents, businesses and students. It will help us to shape and grow the visitor economy within the Kāpiti district, identify business opportunities and future residents.

To develop this plan, we will engage with our community, kiwi partners, and business people. We will also use external research to gather information and data that will form the basis of future investments and marketing by Kāpiti Coast District Council and other stakeholders.

As part of this process, TRC Tourism, a tourism consulting company has been asked to undertake two key components in the development of the plan:

  • an understanding of the Kāpiti Coast districts experience – our DNA, future aspirations and expectations of tourism in the district
  • determine who our ideal visitor might be

This will feed into the development of the Kāpiti district's and Wellington region's plan in conjunction with other research work being carried out by Colmar Brunton to assess demand for destinations.

For this reason, Social Pinpoint has been utilised to give the community the opportunity to share ideas to help shape the Kāpiti Coast Destination Management Plan. There are six main themes the community can contribute to.